Holy Week and Easter 2016

Easter 2016

As Christmas celebrates birth, so Easter celebrates re-birth, or resurrection. It is a special festival service of worship to greet our risen Saviour. This year, there were 151 people gathered together to worship, including a small choir and three brass instrumentalists, all under the direction of our organist and Director of Music, Pamela McClain.  We received 9 new people into formal membership of the church during the Easter worship, and met together after the service for a reception of welcome.  The following photos tell the story.  If you wish to see the photos full-size, click on one and scroll through them full-size.


 Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of solemn remembrance of the cost of our salvation. Jesus allowed himself to be arrested, tried and crucified, as a sign of his obedience to God and because his love and compassion for the human race was so great, that he was willing to give his own life to make our lives better.  Our Sanctuary is stripped bare and only decorated with the black of sorrow.


Palm/Passion Sunday

Palm and Passion Sunday is the last Sunday before Easter.  We celebrate the last journey of Christ into Jerusalem with crowds of people praising him and waving palm branches in festive mood, but we also remember that Jesus wept on that journey because he knew what he was facing later in the week, and that the happy crowds would melt away into the shadows when he needed them most – even his own disciples.