Officer Reports for 2021


Greetings St. Luke Congregation,

2021 was certainly a year to remember! Our congregation endured a significant amount of change and has remained strong. We began the year with all worship and activities being fully virtual and have since successfully transitioned back to in-person gathering with digital options for those who still wish to worship remotely. We have learned a lot of lessons in our virtual journey over the past 22 months and will never look back to the old way of doing things. It is exciting to have the option to have those unable to attend worship in person now join us digitally, and I sincerely thank all who have been a part of experimenting and adapting our approach to make such a thing possible.

2021 also began with the Call Committee moving into full swing. After spending more hours on Zoom than I prefer to add up, we successfully located our dream candidate in Pastor Josh Menke, and he officially began serving as our new pastor on August 1. We have been blessed by his presence, and he has already served us in many capacities. The embarking of Pastor Josh also meant an emotional farewell to Pastor Fred, and we were able to send him off in style and celebrate his years of service to our congregation.

Although we only had a partial year together in person, we were able to get a lot of things accomplished. We held a successful Stop Hunger Now Event with members and guests and were able to pack many meals, despite a hiccup with an oil spill on I-95. Many of our small groups resumed in person activities, and we also participated in the local area CROP Walk.

As we moved towards closing out the year, we began thinking about the future of St. Luke and the direction that we would like to head in as a church. Discussions with Council and Committee Chairs have begun as we reimagine our next five-year vision and plan. As these ideas come into focus, we
will share more with the congregation and go on this journey together.

I want to thank all members of the congregation for your help and support in taking ownership of so many of the “little things” that seem to happen magically behind the scenes. These things get done because of you! I also thank those of you who have led or participated in the “big things” too. I thank my Council for their time and leadership through 2021 and give a special thank you to Sim Austin and Suzie Weeks whose terms come to a close today. It has truly been a pleasure to serve as your Council President over the past two years, and your ideas and support have meant so much to me.

In Christ,
Ashley Lathrop, Church Council President

Financial Secretary’s Report 2021

Treasurer’s Report 2021


In reviewing the 2021 reports from our Financial Secretary, Ludi Webber and our Treasurer, Marty Witthoefft, we are in a healthy financial position. Our spend to budget for the year was unfavorable by $6,068 (2.45%), but more than offset by favorable contributions to budget. Our 2021 receipts toward budget were $252,669 excluding the $11,000 in 2021 pledge contributions received in 2020 (pre-paid). Contributions to budget in 2021 were $16,369 favorable to plan ($8,666 in pledges + $7,703 not pledged). Members are thanked for continuing to contribute to St. Luke through this pandemic as most of our expenses are fixed (salaries, insurance, utilities, storm water fee, social security, and employee benefits).

Our St. Luke family was very generous contributing to special accounts including $18,999 to Outreach Ministries such as World Hunger, Rise Against Hunger, the Food Bank, Crop Walk, and Help Paul. In addition, $3,500 from the Mission Endowment proceeds was sent to FeedMore and $3,500 to the Virginia Synod Disaster Response Fund.

As of January 9, 2022, 53 pledge cards were received for a total of $231,896, an increase of $27,232 vs the 2021 annual pledges. In December, $31,700 of 2022 pledges were contributed in advance (pre-paid) vs the $11,000 that were pre-paid in December 2020 for 2021.

I want to thank Ludi Webber and Marty Witthoefft for their continued service as our Financial Secretary and Treasurer. Marty is also thanked for managing our insurance program. Jo Ann Marshall is thanked for backing-up and assisting Ludi.

Respectfully submitted,
Vince Reedinger

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