Ministry Reports 2021


By working in fellowship, we offer worship and music grounded in the Word and Sacraments
in which we joyfully praise and adore our Lord Jesus Christ. The Worship and Music Ministry Team meets to plan, coordinate and carry out the supporting activities that provide worship and music for St. Luke.
2021 was a year of transition. We were blessed to have Pastor Fred Marcoux, Rich Barnett and Luci Hughes lead us in Virtual Worship as we published to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. We were able to have Easter and Pentecost Worship in-person until we transitioned back to regular in-person worship on June 13th.

We were also blessed to call Pastor Joshua Menke as our new pastor with a caring and special transition prepared by Pastor Fred Marcoux. Pastor Fred led worship on his last Sunday with us on July 25th with Pastor Josh as his Assisting Minister. Pastor Josh presided over the Renewal of Vows of Pastor Fred and his wife, Lesley during the service. Pastor Fred served us for 9.5 years, longer than any former pastor other than Pastor Bill Kinser, our founding pastor, who served for 30 years. Pastor Josh led his first service as our pastor on August 1st. His installation service as our pastor took place on October 24th.

COVID protocols were in place for in-person worship and activities. All in-person worship services were live-streamed to our Facebook page and then published to our St. Luke YouTube channel. Facebook and YouTube views averaged 57 per worship service. In person worship averaged 62 per worship service. Since our return to in-person worship on June 13th, total attendance (in-person + Facebook/YouTube Views) has averaged 112 per worship service.

Mid-year building usage opened up and we saw a return to music classes and recitals using our Nave and Fellowship Hall. The Chesterfield Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble began using our Fellowship Hall for rehearsals and provided a wonderful Christmas Concert on December 6th for our congregation and the public. The Thomas Jefferson Cadet Corp Band also began using our Fellowship Hall for rehearsals.
The 2021 Worship and Music Ministry Team consisted of the following individuals who graciously shared their time, talent and ministries with us:

Pastor Fred Marcoux – Pastor (Retired July 31, 2021)
Pastor Joshua Menke – (July 1, 2021- December 31, 2021)
Sim Austin – Church Council, Sound & Video Recording
Richard Barnett – Director of Music
Dale Bleecher – Concert Assistance, Paley Board Member
Joe Bucher – Bell Choir Director
Allene Cahill – Assisting Ministers
Terri Cooper – Sacristan Assistant
Ron Diamond – Ushers
Tim Hesson – Sound System
Vince Reedinger – Chairperson, Video Recording
Debbie Shealy – Sacristan Assistant
Betty Walker – Choir
Marty Witthoefft – Video Recording

The very meaningful, joyful and spiritual Worship and Music services conducted at St. Luke are the result of a coordinated effort by all the St. Luke Ministry Teams and the many individuals who share their time and talent and ministries with us. In addition to the Team members, we give a special thanks to the following persons and groups:
St. Luke Adult Choir
St. Luke Bell Choir
Evelyn Henson – Webmaster
Vickie Pyle – Nursery
Debbie Von Hoene – for making the Baptismal Garments
Peggy Walters – We Care (Memorial Service Receptions)
Altar Guild Members
Assisting Ministers
Lay Readers
Donators to the altar flowers
Interiors Ministry Team Members

I want to especially recognize and thank those that made virtual worship possible.
Terri Cooper and Debbie Shealy for their love and care each week of our Nave and Narthex. They made sure our paraments were always correct throughout the church year, kept up with altar flower donations, watered plants, and prepared communion when we had in-person worship.

Marty Witthoefft and Sim Austin for ensuring our services were recorded each week and made available to our Facebook and YouTube Channels. Sim also implemented improvements to our streaming and recording capabilities. Sim Austin for his initiative in preparing our Nave and Narthex for in-person worship in alignment with Synod and CDC guidelines.

Luci Hughes for providing all of the vocals as our soloist each week during Virtual Worship.

Rich Barnett for his music leadership throughout this challenging year.

Interiors Team for providing Easter, Pentecost Advent and Christmas decorating.

Baptisms: George David Gustafson, Parker Harrison Ruppar, Hilding Boden Glomsten, Greta Henry Ruppar and Ingrid Tilda Ruppar.

First Communion: Savannah Marie Pennington

Funerals, memorial services and remembrances: Earl Swandby, Al Bishop, Joan Haithcock, Fred Yarbrough, Ernest Koegl, Jeanne Goforth, Marilyn Leander, Lesley Marcoux, and Lambert Kerschbaumer.

New Members: Alison Eckis, Rev. Joshua Menke, George Gustafson, Leah Gustafson, and Gus Gustafson.

Respectfully submitted,
Vince Reedinger on behalf of the W&M Ministry Team



The Call Committee began the year interviewing candidates in January. Through March we met a least weekly over Zoom. We received six Pastoral Profiles – all good candidates, and interviewed five. The final two candidates each were interviewed three times via Zoom and once in-person. They conducted a worship service and bible study as well as answered numerous questions as we got to know them better and they got to know us. We focused on learning about the candidates as real persons, not just pastors. We learned a lot about “us”, St. Luke Lutheran Church, throughout the process.

On April 15th we selected Pastor Joshua Menke as our Primary Candidate. On April 20th we met with Council and recommended Pastor Josh become our next pastor. Council interviewed Pastor Josh on April 27th and voted unanimously to recommend Pastor Josh to the congregation.

On Sunday, May 23, 2021, Pentecost, Pastor Josh conducted worship. It was a very joyful service. Following worship, the congregation met and voted to call Pastor Josh as our next pastor. The congregation also approved his compensation package.

Pastor Josh Menke and Pastor Fred Marcoux worked together during July. On Sunday, July 25th,
Pastor Fred conducted worship with Pastor Josh serving as his Assisting Minister. At that service, Pastor Josh presided over a renewal of vows for Pastor Fred and his wife Lesley. Pastor Josh began leading worship on Sunday, August 1, 2021. His Installation Service was held on October 24, 2021.

I want to thank Call Committee Members Joe Bucher, Robbie Pennington, Betty Walker, Peggy Walters, Lane Witthoefft and Council President Ashley Lathrop for their time and dedication and care for the future of our ministry.

Respectfully Submitted,
Vince Reedinger, St Luke Call Committee Chairperson


Sunday School for our elementary aged students has not resumed in 2021. The first half of the year we didn’t hold Sunday School because of COVID restrictions. Sunday School was not resumed in September 2021 because we were having difficulty finding Sunday school teachers. We investigated on-line curriculum, but they were not cost effective. Vince Reedinger resumed Adult Forum class during the Sunday School hour in September.

Last Spring, the Christian Education committee sent out Lenten materials to all families and most members since we were still not having in-person worship services. We received a lot of positive feedback on these materials.

On Rally Day Sunday (September 13th) Christian Ed served Krispy Kreme donuts outside on the patio. This was a big hit and still allowed everyone to feel safe since we were outside.

Christian Ed supported Rich Barnett and Luci Hughes with the Christmas Pageant and we also held a cookie reception afterwards.

We are in the process of contacting and hopefully recruiting four to six Sunday School teachers so that we can resume Sunday School during Lent of 2022.

Respectfully Submitted,
Allene Cahill, Christian Ed Co-chair
Betty Walker, Christian Ed Co-chair


Adult Forum began meeting again on Sunday mornings in September and was facilitated by Vince Reedinger. Our topic was a DVD Bible Study from Professor Amy-Jill Levine titled “The Difficult Words of Jesus”.

In 2022 the forum topics will include movies, documentaries, bible studies, devotions and articles from the news.

All are welcome. Please come be part of our discussion group.

Respectfully submitted,
Vince Reedinger


Because of COVID we did not reopen our doors for in-person worship until late in the spring. There were nine entries in the visitor guestbook between July and the end of December. In early December, we took in the Gustafson family as new members, and we have two other couples who have been repeat visitors as well.

The St. Luke website has been going through an update recently, and our webmaster, Evelyn Henson, encourages us to go to our website frequently in order to increase the number of “hits”, raising our profile on the web.

Sim Austin has organized a task group to help us refocus our efforts in both reaching new potential members as well as engaging our young families and various individuals in increased participation at church.

After serving as Evangelism Committee chairperson for more than ten years, I am stepping away from a leadership position. I will continue to assist Pastor Josh Menke with welcoming new members, and I will also serve as liaison between the congregation and Tammy Hammond, our Church Administrator, regarding social media.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Witthoefft


It was great to be able to get together as a congregation this year and continue our annual Rise Against Hunger food packaging event! St. Luke was able to package over 15,000 meals which were shipped, with a total of 285,120 meals from the Richmond area, to the ORPHANNetwork in Nicaragua. Thanks again to all who participated or donated to this event.

Closer to home, St. Luke contributed 1200 pounds of food to FeedMore and between our own fund raising and monies from our Endowment Fund, St. Luke contributed $8,789.00 to FeedMore! What a very generous congregation, thanks to all.

A special thanks to John and Millie Olson for their efforts with this year’s Crop Walk and Dana Wiggins for her help with the Angel Tree.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Witthoefft


Stephen Ministry has continued to serve an important role in the life of St. Luke. It is a lay ministry assisting the Pastor by providing confidential, faith-based support for our members and others in the community who are in need.

2021 continued with our monthly meetings on Zoom as we participated in continuing education and mutual support for our Stephen Ministers. Because of COVID and night driving issues, it was decided to continue to meet via Zoom after the church reopened.

Pastor Josh Menke has completed training as a Stephen Leader and is a vital part of the Stephen Ministry Team.

St. Luke Stephen Ministers have ministered to several care receivers this year. COVID-19 did not allow for in-person visits or meetings with our care receivers. Stephen Ministers are trained in phone and technology visits which allowed us to continue our mission to provide care to our members during difficult times. After vaccinations, several Stephen Ministers, with consent from their care receivers, could meet in person.

The St. Luke Stephen Ministers want to thank Ludi and Butch Webber for again graciously hosting our Christmas Party that included spouses, as well as Pastor Josh Menke and fiancée Sarah Derrick.
The Stephen Ministers are in full service if you or any one you know is in need. Each care receiver has unique issues, and their Stephen Minister works with them to determine the specific needs. If you or someone you know may benefit from this lay ministry, please contact one of our Stephen Leaders or Pastor Josh. For more information about the Stephen Ministry – whether you would like to find out more about the care or like information as to how to become trained as a Stephen Minister – please contact Pastor Josh or any one of our Stephen Ministers.

The Stephen Ministers would like to thank Ludi Webber for her many years of excellent and caring leadership. She will still continue to serve as a Stephen Minister.

We look forward to training new Stephen Ministers in early 2022 and sending several Stephen Ministers to leadership training.

Pastor Josh Menke, Stephen Leader
Bob Maier, Stephen Leader
Millie Olson, Stephen Leader
LuAnn Andreadis
Betty Walker
Butch Webber
Ludi Webber
Dana Wiggins
Ann Witthoefft
Lane Witthoefft

Respectfully submitted,
Millie Olson, Stephen Leader


This committee oversaw receptions following two memorial services and one welcoming reception for Pastor Josh Menke during the year 2021.

I would like to thank my co-chairs Mariett Eggleston and Lane Witthoefft as well as all the members of St. Luke who so willingly contributed food to each event when requested. I would also like to thank those who helped with the clean-up. Such volunteerism makes my assignment much easier.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Walters, Chair, We Care Committee


The Women of St. Luke met on both the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30am and the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. Our meetings from January through May were all via Zoom.
January – Our meeting was a discussion of what we wanted to do in the new year. Mostly it was just nice to visit and chat and catch up with each other.
February – Our speaker Debbie Woodward, Master Naturalist and permitted wildlife rehabilitator, met with us via Zoom. She told and showed us the work she does as a wildlife rehabilitator. She talked of animals and birds she has worked with. We voted to send her a donation.
March – We discussed “The Book of Longings” by Sue Monk Kidd.
April – Our speaker was Susan Doran who spoke on growing, harvesting, and using herbs. We heard an update on the donations to our Soles4Souls box – it was still being filled with shoes and clothing. The box had to be emptied sometimes twice in a week.
May – Our Tuesday morning speaker via Zoom was an expert on bees and other pollinators. The Wednesday evening group tried to meet for a picnic on the patio – the weather did not cooperate. We moved inside – spaced ourselves at tables and enjoyed our own picnic food. It was nice to be together even with the spacing.
June – We had reservations at P. F. Chang’s on the patio. We had a great turn out and the conversation was as wonderful as the meal. We voted to just have one meeting each month – the second Tuesday at 10:30am until we felt there was a need to add back Wednesday evenings.
September – We met in person at the home of Ann Witthoefft. She graciously set up tables on her driveway and we hoped for good weather. The day was beautiful, and it was nice to be together.
October – The October meeting was canceled due to a COVID exposure.
November – Our speaker was Pastor Josh Menke. He told of his four years on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation as a math teacher and mentor. We want to hear more.
December – We packed hats, mittens, gloves and scarf sets for the children at St. Joseph’s Villa. Ann Witthoefft and Millie Olson dropped 103 sets off.

Several women of the church wrote and received grants to add to the hats and mittens drive, for sweaters and for strollers for the Afghani children. The Women also voted to send a $250 donation to the Lutheran Disaster Response in response to the devastating tornadoes.

We have several new projects for the new year. Our January speaker is the liaison for the Afghani families we have helped.

Respectfully Submitted,
Millie Olson and Ann Witthoefft

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