Our Sanctuary

Our church sanctuary is the heart of our building. It provides a sacred space where we can quiet our busyness and know the presence of God in the ministry of Word and Sacrament through liturgy and music, prayer and teaching. We celebrate Christian baptisms, marriages and funerals for our members and others associated with us. If you would like to know more about our worship and life celebrations, please contact our Pastor through the church office.

To contact Pastor Josh Menke, please call the church office and arrange a time to meet or talk with him, or email him at pastor@stlukerichmond.org

Music in the Sanctuary

Music is an integral part of our worship both in the liturgy, the responsive singing of the psalms and congregational singing of hymns and songs. We have an Allen Renaissance organ, a Cristofori grand piano, a choir, and a dedicated band of other instrumentalists including a handbell choir, who contribute to our worship experience, and entertain us in concert and social settings. For more information about music in our worship, please contact the Director of Music, Rich Barnett.  See also pages on this website Music Recordings to hear some of our music to learn more about what we do.

St. Luke’s beautiful sanctuary with its superb acoustics has become a favorite venue for outside groups performing chamber music and other concerts. Please contact our Church Office to be put on an email list for concert announcements, or if you would like to consider using our sanctuary for a concert.

Paley_logo_2inThe Paley Music Festival

St. Luke Lutheran Church is proud to be the home of  the Paley Music festival in Richmond. Alexander Paley is a virtuoso pianist from Russia who performs several classical music concerts in our musically rich sanctuary each year. We are delighted to announce the return of Alexander Paley on June 23rd, 2023, at 7:30pm, to play a concert of the music of Chopin.  Concert admission is free but a suggested donation of $20 would be welcome to defray expenses.

For further information, See the Paley Festival page on this website,  or click on the Paley Festival Logo (above) which will take you to the Festival website.

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